What is important when furnishing a control room?

When furnishing a control room, it is important to take a holistic approach. To stimulate efficiency and safety in a 24/7 working environment, it is best to consider the following factors:

  • Use of space: dividing the space appropriately creates clarity and structure. As well as dividing the space, it is important to provide a safe entrance and exit with optimal walking routes, view lines and communication lines.
  • Ergonomics: create an ergonomically designed workplace where every employee can work in comfort. That includes everything from height-adjustable chairs, desks and screens to ergonomic keyboards. But don’t forget good lighting and acoustics.
  • Technical infrastructure: integrate the right technical facilities, such as adjustable screens, USB connections, sound systems, cable ducts and communications technology.
  • Safety: fire extinguishers and emergency lighting are vital to support the constant activity in the room.
  • Training: invest in repetitive training sessions for people who work in an alarm centre or control room, to achieve an optimal balance between health, safety and ergonomics.

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