What is the best office chair for neck problems?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best office chair for neck problems. Much depends on your individual needs and preferences. Be sure to keep the following things in mind.

  • Ergonomic design: look for an office chair that supports the natural curve of your back. An adjustable back rest, seat depth and lower back support are crucial.
  • Head rest: an adjustable head rest may help to reduce neck pain. Make sure both the height and angle of the head rest are adjustable.
  • The right size for you: choose a chair with various possibilities for adjustment such as the height, back rest angle, arm rest height and arm rest width. That way you can adjust the chair to suit both your body and your sitting position.
  • Comfort: make sure the chair is comfortable to sit in and uses high-quality upholstery and filling materials. A good filling can reduce the pressure on your neck and shoulders.
  • Movement: chairs with a swivel function and castors that move easily make it easier to move your body and reduce the pressure on your neck and shoulders. In addition, it is always important to vary your position often enough and to stand up or walk around now and then.

Do you suffer from neck problems? We look forward to helping you choose your ideal office chair. Feel free to contact us for personal advice or extra information.