Complete furnishing of an office or business premises

Furnishing a workplace involves more than just providing the right furniture. Sometimes that is all it takes, but often a total service package is required to furnish a space responsibly. That involves factors such as light, ventilation, colour, available space or the positioning of desks. Ergo-Lab looks forward to committing its knowledge and experience to a successful complete furnishing of your office or business premises.

Thorough analysis

What do your staff need to enjoy coming to work? That is always the starting point. After all, happy staff are more productive and less often absent. The right office furnishings play a crucial role in this. As a specialist in ergonomic office furniture and wellbeing at work, we furnish your business premises with attention to:

  • the people / users themselves,
  • the available space,
  • physical ergonomics,
  • environmental factors such as light and sound.

In the initial, exploratory phase, we map out all your office needs that will serve as a basis for the final furnishing project.

Custom work

Every organisation is unique, and so are its workspaces. In short, custom work is crucial to successful complete office furnishings! Working together with our reliable partners, we ensure that our custom design is converted without the slightest hitch into a tailor-made interior. That way, you can be sure that every square metre will be used optimally, with:

  • furniture that is perfectly suited to the interior,
  • the right lighting,
  • and all kinds of smart solutions to organise cables and office material.

Want to completely furnish your office?

Are you looking for a professional partner to help you furnish your office? Ergo-Lab saves you time, money and effort. As an office furnishing specialist, we focus on functionality, ergonomics, sustainability, design and budget. Feel free to ask for more information to meet your needs and those of your office, with no obligations.


Discover our realised projects

Are you looking for inspiration to turn your company into a modern workplace that complies with all the standards for ergonomics? Be sure to take a look at our recent ergonomic office furnishing projects.

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