What will the employee of the future be like, with AI approaching fast?

The rise of AI means that employees will probably need to develop new skills in the future. For example, they may need to understand AI algorithms, machine learning and data analysis. Working with AI systems also requires the ability to get human and artificial intelligence to collaborate on solving complex problems. Because AI technologies are constantly evolving, the employee of the future will also need to adapt fast and embrace new technologies quickly.

Whereas AI is increasingly taking over routine tasks, the demand for human creativity and innovation will increase. Employees will be encouraged to generate new ideas and think of creative solutions. Alongside technological skills, human capacities such as emotional intelligence, empathy, communication and problem-solving abilities will continue to be of inestimable value in a world where AI plays an ever-increasing role.

Clearly, the setting we work in is also evolving constantly. Is your workplace ready to face the future? Ergo-Lab looks forward to offering you advice.