How can I improve ergonomics at work?

Improving ergonomics at work is good for your employees’ well-being and productivity. It also prevents physical and mental health problems. We would like to share three good ways of improving ergonomics at work below:

  • Ergonomic furnishings and equipment, such as individually adjustable chairs, desks and other accessories. These enable employees to adjust their position and work comfortably.
  • Taking breaks and getting exercise: take a short break at regular intervals and stretch your legs. Even micro-movements help you keep fit. Moving helps your muscles to relax and improves your circulation. A sit/stand desk and/or sit/stand stool may help you change position regularly.
  • Ergonomic training and awareness: ergonomics training and awareness sessions are worth their weight in gold. They teach employees how to set up their workstation properly, what positions they should avoid and how they can reduce strain on their body.

In any case, an ergonomic approach needs to be individual and situation-specific, because something that is ergonomic for one employee can be uncomfortable for another.

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