What is a practical sit/stand desk for home use?

HomeFit by VepaDrentea, an ergonomic sit/stand desk, is the ideal solution for a home office. It is the size of a shoe cabinet and available in different colours, so it fits perfectly into your interior, enabling you to create a professional, ergonomic workspace at home.

HomeFit combines a sit/stand desk and cupboard in one, so that you can work in your living room to the same standard as you do in the office. Many people do not have enough room for a complete sit/stand workspace at home. That is why VepaDrentea developed the HomeFit solution. The cupboard is just 105 cm wide and 30 cm deep. The unique design and range of colour options ensure that it fits perfectly into every living room. The desk is electrically height adjustable from 68 cm to 118 cm, so that you can work both sitting and standing.

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