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Ergo-Lab specialises in 24/7 ergonomics. We provide full furnishings for multiple-user workstations, including individually adjustable furniture, ergonomic comfort and refined design. We help organisations and companies of all sizes on their way to creating a healthy, ergonomic workplace.

The office of the future

24/7 ergonomics in control rooms

Certain workplaces, such as the crucial control rooms or alarm centres in the security or transport sectors, require well-considered attention to ergonomics. For these, we help create ergonomic control rooms with targeted niche solutions, in collaboration with “Knürr® Consoles – A Vertiv Company”.

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24-hour chair

24-hour chairs are important for comfortable and concentrated work in workplaces with constant shift changes. Our ergonomic office chairs promote concentration and prevent employee overtiredness. They are therefore perfect for shift work and stressful situations.

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Acoustic meeting pods

Holding meetings in complete peace and quiet or isolating yourself to be able to work focused? This is possible with our acoustic meeting rooms from Bosse, which allow you to keep noise pollution to a minimum in your office environment. The perfect setting for productive work and undisturbed meetings.

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Complete furnishing

Furnishing a workplace involves more than just providing the right furniture. Factors such as light, ventilation, colour, available space and the positioning of desks are at least as important. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can provide you a successful complete furnishing of your office or business premises.

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Be inspired by our past projects and turn your company into a modern workplace that complies with all the standards for ergonomics.

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"I have been using the test chair Löffler Lezgo Orange Air for 6 weeks now. I am gradually getting used to the chair. It is very comfortable and fulfils the requirement of not making me sit too statically, by which I mean that I have to constantly search for a 'best sitting position' and thus constantly change my posture.
You may catalogue my experience as 'very positive'. Thanks again for recommending and letting me test this chair."

Ann Wouters | Supply & Support NMBS

"I can say that this chair is perfect. I no longer have back pain so far, which was therefore due to the greater angle I now have from my back to my upper legs. I don't really have any negative points. My colleagues are also very positive about it; everyone can adjust the chair to their liking. Thanks again for the good support!"

Steve Devriendt | NMBS

"Your website looks fantastic and reflects your professional approach once again. I think back to the pleasant cooperation and your professional guidance of my staff."

Robert Waldeyer | RW Consulting

“When buying professional furniture, we do not go shopping at wholesalers who compete with each other to offer mediocre quality at "Black Friday" prices. In the interest of all employees in the office, we prefer solid products that are ergonomically sound.  For this we have been advised by Marc for over 20 years. A good address for sound advice, excellent seating and after-sales service.”

Bart Ghijsels | Cofiac BV

"I am very happy with my new office chair and Marc's service!

Marleen Kentane

"Buying ergonomic office equipment is something you have to do with real specialists. At Ergo-Lab, they absolutely know what they are talking about."

Peter De Schrijver

"At Ergo-Lab and Marc Timmermans, it is not limited to providing contemporary and functional furniture, but the ergonomic knowledge and experience you gain are a real added value for company and people."

Rita Morbée

"Definitely book a training session or webinar with Marc. This is, also for your staff, a very enriching experience!"

Michel De Rouck

"I know Marc from the past; in addition to the logistics of the many large deliveries of chairs (3300+), which was very well organised, each employee also received personal ergonomic guidance. For specific issues, customisation was also carried out so that everyone could work responsibly."

Rien van der Heijden

"We at Ergo-At-Work, a student company located in the Ghent region, are very grateful for the way in which Marc has helped us on our way. He has assisted us in refining our vision of the future and directing our company in a way that helps society."

Jasper Lootens

"At Idé Coffee Systems we are very satisfied with the Ergo-Lab chairs. In addition, the cooperation with Marc went smoothly. He listened well to our needs, sold us a nice product and the after-sales service was excellent. Highly recommended!"

Leny Peleman | Idé Coffee Systems

"Our cooperation with Ergo-Lab and Vertiv/Knürr produced great results. Expertise, a professional approach and clear guidance brought our control room to a higher level with the well-being of our operators at the centre."

Evi Meirsman | NMBS

"It is pleasant to work with a high quality ergonomic office chair. Marc is a passionate advisor and knows his job through and through! Professionalism and experience are trumps! Top products!"

Frederik Hantson | notary

"Thank you very much for being so accessible, even at the weekend. And for your customer friendliness and professional service."

Garage Marc | Peugeot-dealer in Ninove

"Ergo-Lab helps us think about the total concept for furnishing our offices, and the work is carried out exactly as agreed. It is an added value to work with Ergo-Lab."

Luc De Ro | Crelan

"Thank you for the professional presentation and for sharing your knowledge and products with us. I have received rave reviews from colleagues and can only confirm that we have all learned a lot together. Thank you again on behalf of Attentia, the ergonomists and myself."

Machteld Van de Woestyne | Attentia

"Ergo-Lab makes deeper ergonomic analysis of the workplaces and reports with achievable goal to promote people's health and safety."

Inge Joos | NMBS

"Ergo-Lab and partners have already bought more than 1,000 old chairs to refurbish professionally and give them a second life with a full 4-year guarantee. It is admirable how they are helping to take care of our climate in this way."

Christophe Pierre - PMC-holding

"We have made frequent calls to supply chairs for preventive and curative use with consistently positive results. The chairs were instructed individually per user and all agreements were always kept. Very nice to do business with Ergo-Lab. Correctness, punctuality, smooth delivery and service always come first for the company and everyone who works there. I have always experienced that. Moreover, the products are top-notch!"

Hilde Segers | Belfius