How is Ergo-Lab contributing to a sustainable future?

Ergonomics and sustainability are built into Ergo-Lab’s DNA. For a company to survive, sustainable business needs to be a key principle. As a partner and advisor, Ergo-Lab helps you think things through by offering ergonomic office solutions, tools and knowledge to create a high-quality, sustainable and healthy (24/7) workplace.

For example, we transform used office chairs and desks into comfortable, good-quality ones. By opting for refurbishment where possible, we can offer new products that meet the highest international standards (in ergonomics, quality, materials of a high standard, etc.).

What is more, we supply affordable, ergonomic, second-hand office chairs. We will place your office chair(s) right where they need to be in your office, and if need be, we can take your old chairs off your hands for free. That way we can give them a new lease of life as well. Last but not least, when we design overall projects (including 24/7 workplaces), we pay attention to selecting sustainable materials so that there is no wear and tear in the short term (on the edges of the desks, for example).