What is the best 24-hour chair?

A 24-hour chair or control room chair is especially designed for workplaces where there is permanent 24/7 activity.

There are many high-quality providers of 24-hour chairs, but clearly only one chair can be the absolute best. As its Belgian distributor, we can recommend the Svenstol® 24-hour chair by Stolcomfort in complete confidence. This chair is fantastically comfortable to sit on, can withstand extreme use and is perfect for shift work, changes of user and stressful situations.

The unique combination of design, comfort and performance make Svenstol® 24-hour chairs eminently suited to the demands of screen-based workstations in control rooms. They encourage concentration and prevent exhaustion.

Want to experience the ultimate sitting comfort of a Svenstol® chair yourself? Feel free to request a free trial chair!

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