Why is it important to have a relaxation area in a 24/7 environment?

Paying attention to well-being in an alarm centre or control room means more than simply providing ergonomic furniture such as 24/7 desks and 24-hour chairs.

In reality, we often find operators spending their breaks at their desks if there is no separate kitchen. That makes it impossible for them to relax properly, and they are less productive as a result. Even on busy days, it is really important to schedule breaks now and then.

Besides having a comfortable place to eat, it is important to have a relaxation area in a 24/7 environment for personal interaction or private conversations. Ideally, this private space should be in the control room itself, so that operators do not need to leave the control room environment and are available quickly in the event of sudden incidents.

Creating relaxation zones in the control room improves the quality of breaks and allows the operators to relax efficiently. To encourage personal interactions, it is best to furnish these areas with comfortable seating, moveable panels, etc. The colours should also be chosen carefully, because colour has a great influence on human feelings and behaviour.