Sustainable enterprise is the future

Sustainability and ecology will play an increasingly important role in the years to come. If you want your company to survive, sustainable enterprise is key. You need to think about your ESG goals (Environmental, Social, Governance) and the associated reporting, and take all these things into account. In practice, it seems sustainable goals are not that easy to choose, let alone integrate into your organisational strategy.

Ergo-Lab as advisor

Would you like to work sustainably, or even more sustainably? Don’t know where to start? Are you looking for high-quality, sustainable and ergonomic furnishings for a control room, an alarm centre or another 24/7 workplace? As an advisor, Ergo-Lab helps you think things through by offering ergonomic office solutions, tools and knowledge.

To do this, we work closely with various innovative, sustainable and reliable partners who are constantly searching for new, high-value products and production processes. These range from a waste-free factory to the reuse of raw materials and the reduction of energy and transport.

What is our specific contribution to sustainable workplaces?

Ergonomics and sustainability are built into Ergo-Lab’s DNA. You can come to us for various sustainable solutions such as:

  • Second-hand office chairs that are both high-quality and comfortable. Every chair is cleaned, refurbished and checked with the greatest of care. The price discount is certainly an attractive extra.
  • Returning old chairs and desks for refurbishment. Our refurbished office chairs comply with the highest international standards for ergonomics, quality, high-value materials and so on. That way you can avoid the unnecessary cost of buying new chairs.
  • The Vepa Drentea Hemp is a completely organic, plant-based and recyclable chair. It has been created with great attention to sustainability, design, comfort and affordability. Available as a traditional chair or a bar stool.

Doing sustainable business together

Corporate social responsibility is a process of ongoing improvement. Are you looking for a professional partner to prepare your company for the future with innovative, sustainable and ergonomic products that focus on human beings? Feel free to contact us so that we can get to know you.