24-hour chair: the ultimate office chair for multiple-user workstations

As a specialist in ergonomic furniture for control rooms, we know better than anyone how important the right chair is for comfort and concentration. You don’t need just any chair: you need a 24-hour chair for 24-hour use. A chair designed for workplaces where people work around the clock, such as control centres, traffic or security centres, air traffic control, prisons and surveillance areas.

What is a 24-hour chair?

A 24-hour chair, also called a control room chair or 24/7 chair, is an ergonomic office chair. This type of chair is designed especially for workplaces where constant shift changes are combined with desk work.

Key characteristics:

  • Very robust construction with a reinforced mechanism: optimised for load bearing over extended periods, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Quick, easy and intuitive to adjust, depending on the user’s needs.
  • Position of the back and head rest, length of the seat cushion and arm rests, lower back support and seat height of the chair are adjustable.
  • Upholstery in hard-wearing fabrics and durable leather: combination of fabric and (semi)leather is possible.
  • Fitted with lower back support as standard.
  • Also available as an XXL chair (150 kg).

The 24-hour chair by Svenstol®

Because only the very best chair is good enough, we distribute Svenstol® 24-hour chairs. These chairs combine comfort and stability with customised ergonomics. This incredible product withstands 24-hour use by different people, each with a different weight (up to 200 kg) and physical build.

A Svenstol® chair encourages concentration and prevents exhaustion, making it 100% suitable for use in control rooms that need to operate 24/7.

We can tell you how good these Sventol® chairs are, but most importantly, you can see for yourself how our chairs can make a difference in your workplace. Request a free trial seat and experience the benefits and comfort of this ergonomic office chair.

The Svenstol® S5, S6 & Office X5 in a nutshell

The Svenstol® S5 is fantastically comfortable to sit on, can withstand extreme use and is perfect for shift work, changes of user and stressful situations.

  • The comfortPlus cushion ensures relaxed sitting at work.
  • The activePlus mechanism enables relaxed, active sitting.
  • The Ergonomic Stability Programme (ESP) makes it possible to use the chair for years without loss of quality.

This excellent 24-hour chair is also available in the classic director’s chair design (S6). There is also the Office X5 with an extra large tilt angle of 44 degrees.

Want to find out more?

Download the brochure, explore some of our cases, contact us, or test the Svenstol® S5 or S6 yourself. We will be glad to help.


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Are you striving to create a work environment where the comfort of your employees is key? Then we want to help you achieve that goal. We believe that our 24h chair can make the difference in your workplace. Request a free trial chair and experience the superior quality of our Svenstol® chairs for yourself.