Refurbished office chairs: your own chairs, as good as new

Are the chairs in your office due for replacement? Consider getting them cleaned and repaired before you invest in new ones. Whether the problem is a dirty seat, broken armrest or jammed wheel, Ergo-Lab will fix it for you and turn substandard chairs into refurbished office chairs suitable for use.

Refurbished office chairs? What’s the deal?

An office chair has many components. Just because one of them is broken, that doesn’t mean it’s time to dump your chair. Springs, arm rests and wheels can easily be replaced from our stock of spare parts. The upholstery of a seat or backrest can also be reconditioned. What’s the advantage? Refurbished office chairs have a longer lifespan, and you will avoid the unnecessary cost of buying new chairs.

Fast, professional cleaning

To restore office chairs to their former glory, intensive cleaning is crucial.

We clean your office chairs with great care and attention. Most of the cleaning is done by hand. Our staff remove some of the dirt with an air wash gun, and the upholstery is cleaned with environmentally friendly soap and a steamer. That gives every chair a deep clean that kills all bacteria. One last polish with a cloth and the chairs are as good as new.

How we do it

Do your office chairs deserve a makeover? We fetch the chairs from your office and return them fully refurbished. If necessary, we can lend you the replacement chairs you need in the meantime. Chairs can also be cleaned on site.

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Don’t forget to repair your office chairs

Have you got broken or dirty office chairs? Are you wondering what we can do for you? Ergo-Lab will be happy to advise you on repairing and cleaning your office chairs.

Prefer to buy cheap office chairs?