Specialist in ergonomic office furniture and wellbeing at work

Marc Timmermans, the driving force behind Ergo-Lab

At Ergo-Lab, Marc has specialised in ergonomic office furniture for several years. This is a crucial factor that is inextricably linked to wellbeing at work. Marc seamlessly blends the ergonomic furnishing of workplaces with healthy working practices at Ergo-Lab, with solutions for both offices and control rooms.


Our vision and mission

In a world where life sometimes gets the better of us, Ergo-Lab aims to create more awareness of the importance of exercise, healthy diet and sufficient sleep. Our stubbornly sedentary culture, for example, is bad for our health. Our ambition is to find a responsible alternative to this culture by means of ergonomic office furnishings.

Working sustainably and efficiently with ergonomic office furniture

Do you want to ensure your employees work efficiently? You can do that by stimulating sustainable working practices. What we mean by this in practice is that all employees should feel motivated and positive at work. Ways of achieving this include:

  • the correct use of ergonomic office furniture, adjusted to the individual user(s).
  • investing in the essential knowledge you need to work ergonomically.

Ergonomic tools and knowledge all the way to user level

Ergo-Lab helps organisations and companies of all sizes to create a healthy, ergonomic workplace. We do this in close partnership with various innovative, sustainable and reliable partners who offer complementary ergonomic office furniture.

Depending on what employees need to do their work (e.g. a control room, cash register or computer screen), we ensure that every specific requirement is met, and that every user gets individual sitting instructions.

Keeping an eye on the big picture

Besides taking a personal approach to furnishing your workplace, we also aim to offer an all-round service that results in a responsible interior. That includes factors such as light, ventilation, colour, available space or the positioning of desks.


Let’s create a pleasant working environment together

Are you also convinced that a pleasant working environment is the key to:

  • working efficiently with focus and flow;
  • with time and space to consult colleagues and other people;
  • en waarbij verbeeldingskracht, empathie en menselijke lenigheid gestimuleerd worden?

If so, we look forward to talking to you about how Ergo-Lab can help meet your needs.