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How important is lighting in a control room?

30 April 2024
Verlichting controlekamer

Lighting plays a crucial role in control rooms where operators work around the clock to monitor and manage processes, systems or other activities. Nevertheless, this aspect of furnishing or refurnishing a control room is rarely in the spotlight. Here at Ergo-Lab, we believe light deserves proper attention in every new project. 5 reasons why lighting […]

Ergo-Lab @ Infopol | XPO112 from 23 to 25 April 2024

07 March 2024

You will soon be able to find us at Infopol | XPO112, the trade fair for the equipment of police, security and emergency services and disaster relief. As a specialist in 24/7 ergonomics for many different sectors (e.g. fire brigade, airport, police…), this is the ideal opportunity to get acquainted with all our possibilities regarding […]

A director’s chair needs to be comfortable too

06 March 2024

The ideal director’s chair combines an air of luxury with ergonomic functions. That means things like high-quality materials and a clever design paired with various ways of adjusting the chair to support the person sitting in it. Ergo-Lab ensures that the office chair you choose suits you to a tee. Choose your director’s chair at […]

How to create a dynamic workplace

05 February 2024
Dynamische werkomgeving

A dynamic workplace ensures that employees move around more and spend less time sitting down, all thanks to the layout of the office. There are different areas for different tasks, and people are encouraged to adopt different postures. That way, employees spontaneously move around the office because it is designed to encourage them to do […]

How do you tackle ergonomics for hybrid meetings?

09 November 2023

Hybrid working has become an established aspect of our working lives, and hybrid meetings are intrinsic to it. With a combination of physical and virtual attendance, teams around the world can work together more efficiently. But an ergonomic approach to hybrid meetings is essential. Are hybrid meetings a good idea? Certainly, if you organise them […]

Why sound damping is so important in the office

13 September 2023
Geluidsdemping kantoor

Sound plays an important role in our everyday life. It can have either a positive or a negative effect on our mood. Sound also has a significant influence on our performance. A noisy working environment often makes it difficult for us to concentrate. That is precisely why sound damping is so important in the office. […]

The impact of ergonomics on productivity and efficiency

18 July 2023

Paying attention to ergonomics means paying attention to your employees’ well-being. It benefits physical and mental health and leads to greater happiness at work. In fact, though, the impact of ergonomics also makes itself felt in greater productivity and efficiency. How, exactly, does it do that? Read this blog post to find out. Ergonomics at […]

Control room furnishings: from design to installation

27 April 2023
Controlekamer meubilair

A 24/7 environment is a workplace that deserves special attention. That means attention to both the functional and ergonomic aspect. After all, the well-being and the productivity of the operators in the control room environment are top priority. But what if finding the right furnishings for an alarm centre or control room just isn’t your […]

Tips to improve ergonomics at work

15 March 2023
Ergonomie op het werk

Ergonomics are here to stay. We want to work in a comfortable, pleasant setting: especially at the office, the place where we spend most of our days. How can you improve ergonomics at work even more? Check out our useful tips below! But first, why should you pay attention to ergonomics at work? Ergonomics at […]

Control room chairs: which ones should you choose?

20 February 2023
Controlekamer-stoelen kiezen

Control room chairs are especially designed for workplaces that are used around the clock. They are also referred to as 24-hour chairs. These ergonomic office chairs offer a comfortable sitting experience for long working hours, with different people using the same chair. So what are the criteria for choosing control room chairs? When choosing a […]

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