Want cheap office chairs?
Opt for second-hand.

Does the idea of a second-hand office chair make you think of stained upholstery and a wobbly seat? Nothing is further from the truth. The office chairs that Ergo-Lab offers are not just top quality, they are also as good as new. Every chair is prepared for resale with the greatest of care. Do you associate the idea of a second-hand chair with a really great price? In that case, you’d be absolutely right. Used office chairs are a bargain. You will save up to 80%.

Top quality cheap office chairs

You will find a wide range of cheap office chairs from major brands including Ahrend, Kinnarps and Giroflex in the online shop. Every chair has been carefully checked for more than a hundred issues. What is more, every used chair has been given the love it needs: a thorough cleaning, fresh upholstery and new springs and screws. Our intensive servicing ensures that your second-hand office chair is a high-quality, comfortable one.

The benefits of a used office chair

How do you know an office chair has been used before? You’ll feel it in your wallet. After all, you’ll pay up to 80% less. And for that you get a completely refurbished second-hand office chair. What is more, a used office chair is kind to the environment. It is the most sustainable solution. Opting for a used office chair is a clear choice in favour of socially responsible business.

Four-year guarantee

From cleaning to reconditioning, every office chair has been checked right down to the tiniest detail. That way we can be sure of offering you a chair that is absolutely perfect. Even if it is second-hand. Because we are absolutely certain of the quality we provide, you will receive a four-year guarantee on your office chair.

Order your used and reconditioned office chair online

There are always more than a thousand office chairs in stock. You can easily order online and have your purchase delivered free of charge, on a date and at a time agreed in advance. We will place your office chair(s) right where they need to be in your office, and if need be, we can take your old chairs off your hands for free. That way we can give them a new lease of life as well.

Aren’t there enough of the chair you want in stock? Do you have special requests? Or would you like advice? Ergo-Lab will be happy to help you find the perfect cheap, used office chairs.


Get your office chairs cleaned and repaired

Rather than investing in new office chairs for your company, why not get the ones you have cleaned and repaired? Maybe there is a jammed wheel or a broken armrest. Ergo-Lab will take care of your office chair and turn it into a usable, refurbished office chair.