Can I get back problems from sitting for too long?

Yes, sitting for too long, too often can cause back problems. Long periods in the same position (especially if it’s the wrong one) can lead to tension in the back muscles. This results in pain and discomfort in the back. A lot of screen workers adopt a bent-over sitting position, with a rounded back and their shoulders hanging forward. So make sure you sit up straight at your desk.

Too much sitting also weakens the back and stomach muscles, because they are not being actively used. Weak muscles offer less support to the spinal column and can contribute to back pain. Besides back pain, too much sitting down increases your chances of circulatory disease, diabetes and even burnout.

What is the best thing to do to prevent back problems caused by sitting for long periods? It’s really simple: move around more. For example, take regular breaks and change your position (for example, work or hold meetings standing up). It is also important to furnish an ergonomic workplace with a comfortable chair that stimulates active sitting.