What should you consider when choosing an office chair with arm rests?

Opting for an office chair with arm rests is a very personal choice. For many screen workers, this type of chair offers more support. It also helps you to adopt a better seated posture.

An important condition is for the arm rests to be properly adjusted. They should support the arms with 20° abduction and 20° anteflexion. This creates an open angle at the elbow joint and provides the necessary support to the upper arm.

When you choose an office chair with arm rests, make sure it has:

  • a height adjustability range of 20-32 cm,
  • width adjustability of 36-56 cm,
  • forwards and backwards adjustability of 5-10 cm.

Ideally, you should be able to turn the top of the arm rest 180° to suit the user. Properly adjusted arm rests prevent neck and shoulder problems. You also reduce the chance of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), a burning sensation in the thumb or fingers due to the median nerve of the hand getting trapped in the wrist. In fact, studies have shown that not using suitable arm rests increases pressure on the wrist, which is a significant cause of CTS.