Why use modular desks in a 24/7 environment?

In a 24/7 environment, a workplace furnished to meet the needs of various users and applications is paramount. That is why modular desks are an essential feature of an alarm centre or control room:

  • Easy to adapt to different tasks, circumstances and needs.
  • Ergonomically adjustable to suit the individual needs of the different users.
  • Can be configured to fit the available space and the specific requirements of the working environment.

As the Belgian distributor of Knürr® Consoles, we offer high-quality and sustainable 24/7 desk concepts that are both modular and extendable. That means they can be used as separate work desks or larger work surfaces for several users. Furthermore, the requisite monitor supports, storage modules, cable management solutions and other accessories are all provided to improve the functioning of your 24/7 workplace.