Which chair should I use with a painful tailbone?

If you suffer from a painful tailbone (coccyx), it is important to choose a comfortable chair that does not exert any extra pressure on your tailbone. It is best to opt for a chair with a convex back rest, because this alleviates pressure on the coccyx. A chair with arm rests also ensures that your body weight is distributed more evenly.

As a curative solution, we advise you to choose an office chair with a hole in the seat. This hole reduces the pressure on the back of your bottom. It means that you will mainly be sitting on your ischium or ‘sitting bones’, so there is no contact between the tailbone and the chair. These chairs are extremely helpful if you suffer from a painful tailbone or coccydynia. If you wish, we can also cover the hole discreetly with upholstery.

Last but not least, it is still important to get up regularly from your seated position and change your position (from sitting to standing or vice versa) or take a short walk. That will prevent the pain in your tailbone from getting worse.