Attention to 24/7 ergonomics in control rooms

An ergonomic workplace is important for the entire labour market. However, there are certain workplaces that require considerable thought and attention when it comes to ergonomics. Take the crucial control rooms or alarm centres in the security or transport sectors, for example, where people work around the clock.

Ergo-Lab helps create ergonomic control rooms with targeted niche solutions, in collaboration with its partner brand “Knürr® Consoles – A Vertiv Company”.

The importance of individually adaptable workstations in control rooms

In alarm centres or control rooms, people do highly varied and labour-intensive tasks. Every employee has specific responsibilities linked to their role or tasks. So special attention to the necessary IT systems and to individual comfort is crucial. That is why these rooms are fully furnished as multiple-user workstations. They are fitted with individually adjustable furnishings to promote:

  • the employees’ health, safety and wellbeing;
  • greater productivity.

Ergonomic furniture with 24/7 solutions by Knürr® Consoles

As well as the constant shift changes in an alarm centre or control room, these workplaces are characterised by work with multiple screens.

To meet everyone’s personal and work-related needs, ergonomic desks are vital. Companies and organisations can call on Ergo-Lab for help with this.

Through our partner Knürr® Consoles, we provide high-quality, long-lasting desk concepts. For example, they design:

  • 24/7 technical desks that are individually adjustable for ergonomics and perfectly integrate inbuilt IT systems;
  • 24/7 meeting tables customised to meet individual needs (e.g. crisis meetings) with innovative functionalities, ergonomic comfort and a refined design.

However, Knürr® Consoles goes even further than that, profiling itself as an expert partner for the full furnishing of a control room or alarm centre.

That means everything from customised acoustics or lighting to various audiovisual options and applications. With Knürr® Consoles’ 24/7 solutions, you can rest assured of:

  • ergonomic furniture with attention to quality and reliability;
  • safe integration of complex technologies for maximum functionality and ergonomics in the workplace.

Did you know that we also bring the best 24-hour chair in the world to your workplace? That means an ergonomic office chair that can withstand 24-hour use by different people. In short: a chair that is 100% suitable for use in control rooms. Would you like to test the ultimate chair experience? Request your free trial seat and experience the comfort of this unique chair. We are happy to deliver our test models throughout the Benelux!

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Ensuring your control room is furnished ergonomically

The permanent activity and staffing of a control room or alarm centre make ergonomic furniture absolutely crucial. In partnership with Knürr® Consoles, Ergo-Lab helps various companies and organisations in specific niche markets (the police, fire brigade, railway operators etc.) to integrate 24/7 solutions for individual and systematic ergonomics.

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