What does the office of the future require?

First and foremost, the office of the future is a flexible workplace attuned to the needs of the organisation and the people who work there. Aside from the functional furnishing of an office with attention to ergonomics and the use of sustainable, stylish materials, a commitment to general well-being is an important requirement in the office of the future. Consider factors such as getting enough exercise, a healthy diet and appropriate lighting.

In our new way of working, which is often a combination of work at the office and work from home, offices are increasingly becoming places where we work together. That requires adjustments to office furnishings to stimulate creativity and efficiency. Activity-based furnishings – i.e. a suitable working environment or space for a specific task or activity – give employees the chance to organise their work in the way that works best for them.

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What are the advantages of an activity-based office?