What will the alarm centre of the future look like?

In the future, control rooms and alarm centres will be very different to the ones we are familiar with today. Below are a few characteristics and technologies that you might find in the alarm centre of the future.


  • Ergonomic design: easy and intuitive to use, which will help people be more comfortable and productive
  • Modularity: both the furnishings and systems will be modular, meaning they can be adjusted to the needs of the alarm centre and its users
  • Routine tasks will be automated: the aim is to free up more time for specialised tasks that require human insight
  • Secure and sustainable: taking long-term use, energy efficiency and protection against cyber attacks into consideration


  • Advanced visualisation: from holographic projections to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for viewing and evaluating information more intuitively or for training purposes
  • Data analysis and artificial intelligence: to detect patterns, predict possible incidents and so on

The alarm centre of the future promises to be a highly advanced environment. The trends mentioned above are likely to influence the furnishing and functionality of such workplaces. The exact characteristics and technologies may vary according to the specific needs of the industry in question.