Control room furnishings: from design to installation

A 24/7 environment is a workplace that deserves special attention. That means attention to both the functional and ergonomic aspect. After all, the well-being and the productivity of the operators in the control room environment are top priority. But what if finding the right furnishings for an alarm centre or control room just isn’t your speciality? Trust Ergo-Lab to provide the knowledge and experience you need!

Control room furnishings according to the highest futureproof standards

An alarm centre, traffic control room or surveillance area needs to be furnished as a genuine multiple-user workstation. To achieve this, we work with our partner Knürr® Consoles – A Vertiv Company. That enables us to deliver 24/7 desk concepts that comply with the highest quality requirements in terms of sustainability, choice of materials and design.

Our control desks are height adjustable (from 65 cm to 128 cm), as well as being modular and extendible. They offer sufficient leg room and are made fully operational with:

  • screens (adjustable by 40 cm in height and 17 cm in depth),
  • personal keyboard and mouse,
  • patch panels in the foot element,
  • perforated ventilation panels,
  • USB connections and power,
  • sufficient emergency power provisions,
  • professional cable trays,
  • KVM technology.

Ergo-Lab always implements all control room furnishings according to the highest standards that will apply in the future (and that will be applicable for at least 20 years). This is an important requirement for a control room environment, because its impact on society means that safety is crucial.

control room furnishings
control room furnishings

A comfortable sitting experience

Clearly, a control room also needs the right control room chairs. As a 24/7 specialist, we distribute Svenstol® 24-hour chairs. Without a doubt, they are the best control room chairs in existence. These chairs are eminently suited for the demands of screen-based workstations in control rooms, thanks to their unique combination of design, comfort and performance.

From design to installation

Ergonomics have an important role in the overall design process of a control room. As an innovative partner, we analyse your needs and requirements from an ergonomic standpoint, whether you need an entirely new 24/7 workplace or a renovation of your existing one. Besides determining the optimal use of the space, for example, we also pay attention to the acoustics, lighting, climate control, the use of colour, distances from screens, communication needs, work processes, the equipment required, relaxation areas and so on.

Ultimately, furnishing a control room is always custom work. It requires a personalised, functional and ergonomic design, with attention to all the factors that help the operators work more efficiently and in a more relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to contact us so that we can get to know you and start futureproofing your 24/7 workplace.