Ergo-Lab, your guide to the office of the future

The world has never been as exciting as it is today. Technological innovations are appearing in rapid succession and digital automation is becoming an ever-greater part of our lives. This means huge changes to the way we live and work, with major consequences for companies and organisations – and opportunities too. Companies and organisations need to prepare for the office of the future... and the Ergo-Lab Academy is ready to help!


An Academy based on three principles


Principle 1: digital transition

A positive attitude to challenges: this is a crucial mindset if you want your business to survive. A great example is the way many businesses have repositioned and transformed themselves in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the gigantic wave of IT and biotechnology heading our way. The question is whether we humans are capable of standing up to robotics and artificial intelligence. Fortunately, we can guarantee that human beings have the potential to rule this world. And that is all down to our resilience, creativity and confidence!


Principle 2: wellbeing and resilience due to physical and mental health

How can companies and organisations support their employees’ physical and mental health? Good ergonomics at work are crucial! One of the most important aspects is breaking the pattern of sedentary work. And that is really easy to do, by investing in ergonomic office furniture.


Principle 3: Human4Human

In the digital age we live in and the even more digital future, it is important to keep on investing in our brains. That protects our creativity, increases our resilience and allows us to live and work optimistically and ambitiously with more control and less stress.


Prepare for the office of the future

What if your company isn’t quite ready yet for the office of the future? We can offer support through a general webinar/presentation or a specific training and advice session in the workplace, including:


  • concrete prospects for the digital revolution at work
  • tips & tricks for stimulating your employees’ wellbeing and resilience
  • etc.