A flexible workplace attuned to the needs of the organisation

We are being bombarded by more and more inspiring and flexible office interiors and workplace concepts. As well as creativity, these concepts nurture concentration, communication, cooperation… and taking pleasure in work. It is difficult to say how that is expressed specifically in office furnishings. One thing is crucial, though: creating a flexible workplace attuned to the needs of the organisation and its staff.

The end of the open-plan office?

During the pandemic, working from home temporarily became the new normal for those whose jobs allowed it. For many companies, it has become a permanent feature. Few have returned entirely to our old office environments.

You remember, right? Open or shared spaces where everyone sat together every day. Open-plan offices where it wasn’t always easy to focus and concentrate.

So have we said a final farewell to this type of office design? Not entirely. The idea is to create a flexible workplace where employees:

  • can concentrate on their work,
  • can work together actively,
  • and exchange information.
flexible workplace

Creating a flexible workplace

Even more than attending to the functional, ergonomic and sustainable aspects, the office of the future will need to be furnished to suit the needs of the organisation and its staff.

How do you do that in practice?

  • By creating the right working environment for every activity or task. Rooms where ‘activity-based working’ is possible. Such as rooms for concentrating on a task or having a creative conversation.
  • You also need to pay attention to the aspect of ‘needs-based working’. In other words, the personal needs of each employee. That may mean extra storage space, flexible hours or a sparring partner to bounce ideas off.

Map out all the needs of everyone in your office so that you can create a working environment that benefits all your employees.

Want to furnish your office?

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