Furnishing an ergonomic workplace

Want to support your employees’ physical and mental health? It’s a great idea to offer them an ergonomic workplace. One that offers enough flexibility and movement.

Standing up to work

Standing up regularly during working hours has many health benefits. For example, you automatically strengthen your back muscles, reducing the chance of back problems. In an ideal world, you should be able to alternate sufficiently between sitting and standing. That means you need space to go from sitting to standing and back again at the office – and at home as well.

Seating solutions ergonomic workplace

Office design and furnishings

A high-quality, healthy workplace begins with good office design and the right office furnishings. ‘Office sharing’ has been trending for several years. It means that the first person to arrive gets first choice. Offices arranged like this often have ‘standing workstations’ to interrupt periods of sitting at frequent intervals.

But the right office chair is crucial for healthy, ergonomic working. A good ergonomic office chair encourages movement and active sitting. As an ergonomics specialist, we offer various innovative seating solutions.

Ergonomic accessories

Ergonomic accessories are also vital for everyone who uses a screen at work. They are absolutely crucial to every ergonomic workplace. Accessories such as a mouse or laptop stand help people work healthily and comfortably.

Don’t forget the light

Last but not least, there are all sorts of other factors (such as the use of colour, arrangement of the space, noise, etc.) that ensure people can work in a pleasant setting. A crucial factor, however, is the influence of light when you are working. So don’t forget to think about good office lighting, because light is an intrinsic aspect of healthy working practices.

Want to create an ergonomic workplace together?

Are you looking for an experienced partner to create a workplace with attention to ergonomics that makes all the difference for your staff? Get in touch, and we look forward to working out how Ergo-Lab can help.