Control room chairs: which ones should you choose?

Control room chairs are especially designed for workplaces that are used around the clock. They are also referred to as 24-hour chairs. These ergonomic office chairs offer a comfortable sitting experience for long working hours, with different people using the same chair.

So what are the criteria for choosing control room chairs?

When choosing a control room chair, it is best to go for a chair that meets the following requirements:

  • Enables different kinds of activity in the control room.
  • Easily adjustable and suitable for different people with different physical builds.
  • Sustainably produced, which includes things like sturdy construction and hardwearing upholstery.

In other words, a good control room chair can handle heavy use and different sitting positions. The chair also needs to be quickly and easily adjustable. That way, control room chairs guarantee a good sitting position and optimal comfort for all users. This increases concentration, alertness and the pleasure people take in their work.

The best 24-hour chair: the Svenstol® S5

As a 24/7 specialist, we distribute Svenstol® 24-hour chairs. Without a doubt, they are the best control room chairs on the market. These comfortable, ergonomically designed swivel chairs have:

  • An activePlus mechanism to encourage an active sitting position. There is no other chair that allows you so much freedom of movement, including leaning back to relax (44-degree angle of tilt). This enables you to concentrate for longer.
  • ComfortPlus cushions distribute the body weight optimally and create perfect sitting comfort. They combine the comfort of a car seat with an office chair’s freedom of movement. In addition, the seat cushion is easy to replace.

However, the Svenstol® S5 has even more features and advantages:

  • A Comfort headrest, freely adjustable (in height, depth, etc.) to support your head in every sitting position. That takes as much burden off the neck and shoulders as possible.
  • An adjustable arm rest, designed for years of intensive use.
  • A six-legged base to allow very safe tilting with every movement or sitting position.
  • A robust construction with a steel frame. This makes the Svenstol® S5 a sustainable chair, even when it is very intensively used.
  • Various types of upholstery (fabric, semi-leather or leather) that are both high quality and hardwearing.

Request a trial chair for your control room

The Svenstol® control room chairs can meet the demands of screen-based workstations in control rooms thanks to their unique combination of design, comfort and performance. They encourage concentration and prevent exhaustion. Are you interested, but would you like to experience the ultimate sitting comfort of the Svenstol® S5 for yourself first? Feel free to request a free trial chair!