Ongoing investments in wellbeing at work

The arrival of the digital age is bringing us all kinds of exciting challenges. One of them is how to develop an optimal policy for wellbeing at work. How can you stimulate – and achieve – maximum resilience and wellbeing in the workplace? By making ongoing investments in a high-quality workplace that encourages both physical and mental health!

Physical and mental health come first

It really is as simple as it seems: a healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to happy, resilient employees. All too often, people make the mistake of believing that this is the employee’s own responsibility. However, employers play a crucial role in ensuring their employees feel in great shape physically and mentally. How, exactly? By investing in the following:

  • physical health

The important thing for companies here is to go back to basics. Specifically, this means you need to focus on exercise, nutrition and sleep. That way you can break the pattern of sedentary work with ergonomic office furniture. Or book an Ergo-Lab workshop to draw attention to the power of sleep and healthy eating, and all the benefits they bring such as increased resilience, creativity etc.

  • mental health

The digital revolution confronts us daily with a flood of information, so much so that people even call it infobesity.

The result is employees who get tired faster and suffer from poor concentration. Add to that the fact that we often find ourselves in a state of permanent connectivity. We are expected to respond immediately to new information whenever it reaches us.

This permanent connectivity, combined with high expectations in terms of flexibility, may trigger stress, insomnia and reduced alertness. These are ominous consequences that are harmful to productivity in the workplace, to say the least.

Fortunately, companies can take proactive steps to countering these psychological and social risks by:

  • helping your employees achieve the right focus and flow at the right time (e.g. by organising brainstorming sessions in the afternoon);
  • regularly making time for giving targeted feedback (to increase involvement);
  • stimulating authentic intelligence with specific training, education and learning opportunities (to keep the brain in tip-top condition).

Wellbeing at work as the key to business success

Has reading this made you aware – or even more aware than before – that wellbeing at work is vital to the success of your company or organisation? Would you like strategic insights and advice on this issue? We look forward to giving you even more confidence in this field with the Ergo-Lab Academy. We do that by means of academically supported workshops on achieving a healthier and better-quality workplace.