Sustainable ergonomics with the Wilkhahn office chairs and other office furniture

Wilkhahn is an obvious choice of partner brand for Ergo-Lab. This leading German brand offers top-of-the-range solutions for ergonomic chairs and meetings. It is renowned worldwide for its versatile, high-quality office and meeting room furniture: an ‘office for motion’ as the company puts it. The Wilkhahn office chairs – just like their other office solutions – guarantee unrivalled functionality, ergonomics and sustainability.

Product development with an eye for sustainability

Every Wilkhahn product is made of the best materials, thus meeting the highest quality requirements in terms of comfort, health and sustainability. Developing products sustainably is something the company believes goes hand in hand with corporate social responsibility. They consciously take an ecological approach with attention to sustainable design and maximum lifespan. That has led to pioneering work in the form of their first fully recyclable office chair.

On the subject of pioneering work: did you know...?

Wilkhahn was the first company to offer the groundbreaking 3D chair concept? The inspiration for their product innovation comes from the existing problems in the workplace. For example, they have developed 3D synchro chairs with lateral movement and a ‘timetable lift’.

A selection from their range

Wilkhahn knows better than anyone how important it is for companies to respond to the changing market. In response to the coronavirus crisis, they proved their worth as a reliable, innovative partner for the creation of ergonomic home offices.

Of course physical meetings at the office are still necessary. Take creative brainstorms, for example. The use of specially adapted ergonomic furniture stimulates creative thinking. For example, Wilkhahn offers a substantial range of:

  • ergonomic office chairs: from functional, elegant swivel chairs to comfortable armchairs or multifunctional stools;
  • ergonomic sit/stand furniture such as dynamic desks and meeting tables that can be adjusted as desired: sitting or standing position etc.

Choose sustainable ergonomics with the Wilkhahn office chairs

With Wilkhahn’s office solutions, you can be sure of a functional, ergonomic and sustainable choice. Be inspired by our past projects with Wilkhahn office chairs and other office furniture. Curious what Ergo-Lab in partnership with Wilkhahn can do for your company? Don’t hesitate to ask for more information to suit your office needs.
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