Sedus office chairs and modular office furniture for maximum wellbeing

Good ergonomics in the office are a high priority for Sedus. And that is one of the main reasons why this trendsetting German brand features in the Ergo-Lab portfolio. Its core activity is the development and production of high-quality furniture. Sedus office chairs and other modular office furniture combine unrivalled ergonomics and sustainability with a definite sense of design.

Ongoing attention to wellbeing

Since it was founded, Sedus has been an advocate for the principle of wellbeing at work. Specifically, this means that if an employee wants to be productive, they need ergonomic seating. The company was the first to put a sprung swivel chair on the European market.

Sedus extends this philosophy to what it calls ‘wellbeing offices’. After all, an attractive workplace is especially important for recruiting and retaining talent. That is why the company offers complete, inspiring and flexible office interiors and workplace concepts. As well as creativity, these concepts nourish concentration, communication, cooperation... and taking pleasure in work.

So much more than just Sedus office chairs

Sedus uses its range of high-quality ergonomic solutions for these wellbeing office interiors.

There is so much more to them than just Sedus office chairs. In fact, they include everything a modern, ergonomic workplace needs:

  • seating: from office chairs to seminar or meeting chairs etc.
  • tables: from individual desks to team or meeting tables etc.
  • storage facilities such as space dividers, office cupboards, filing cabinets etc.
  • partition walls and acoustic insulation elements
  • etc.

What is more, they even offer planning software and intelligent furnishing solutions for specific work situations.

Did you know... Sedus products and solutions often win design prizes? They certainly deserve to, with their perfect balance of form and function.


Create a modern workplace environment to suit your company

Do you want to turn your company into a modern workplace that complies with all the standards for ergonomics? Be sure to look at our recent testimonials with Sedus office solutions. Completely won over? Feel free to contact us for more information. Ergo-Lab will be happy to come up with a personalised proposal in partnership with Sedus.
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