Ergonomic working reinvented with Aeris seating

Ergo-Lab has chosen Aeris as a revolutionary partner for ergonomic seating and working. This German manufacturer invents and develops innovative seating solutions from a physical and medical perspective. They have invented a special 3D technology to do this, which is incorporated into Aeris seating. For many years, they have pioneered active sitting in the office or home office. The result? More active, healthier and happier employees!

Focus on three-dimensional movement while seated

Aeris is based on the principle that bodies need to keep moving all day long. Obviously that applies to ‘sedentary’ workers as much as anyone else. To help them move as naturally as possible, Aeris has developed a unique movement technology: the Aeris 3D technology. This three-dimensional way of moving makes it possible to sit and work in a better and healthier way.

  • Moving up and down causes deeper breathing, a faster metabolism, more muscle growth and a stronger spine. And that’s the best way to prevent back pain...
  • Moving from side to side makes it possible to reach a long way with a straight back...
  • Moving back and forth allows you to lean backwards and forwards as naturally and with as upright a posture as possible. That’s an ideal way to breathe more deeply and improve the circulation...

Aeris seating: to get you moving more in the office

That Aeris gets people moving more in the office is indisputable. Their ergonomic seating stimulates health, motivation and productivity in the office. A few of their revolutionary seating solutions are:

  • The Aeris Swopper

An active office seat (with or without a backrest) that allows for extended periods of sitting while maintaining concentration, strengthening the back and encouraging an upright posture.

  • The Aeris 3Dee

This office chair with a half-height back rest keeps the back upright and makes it possible to relax consciously while working.

  • The Aeris Muvman

An active standing-sitting seat that intuitively combines a sitting and standing posture for working, reducing strain on the legs.

Did you know...

Aeris seating is crafted by hand, using recyclable materials? That explains their exceptional quality and longevity, with a focus on the environment.


Invest in ergonomic seating

Does your company or organisation want to get people moving more in the workplace? And are good ergonomics important to you? If so, our recent testimonials of Aeris seating solutions are bound to offer the perfect inspiration! Do you want to find out more or receive a personalised offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us.
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