The importance of ergonomics in the office

At the Ergo-Lab Academy, we work with companies and organisations of all sizes. Firstly, I give them the confidence to integrate technological and digital changes in a positive way, and secondly, we help them support their employees’ physical and mental health. Good ergonomics in the office are a crucial part of that.

The new way of working = working healthily

The way we work has never changed as fast as it has since the coronavirus pandemic. Take the gigantic increase in working from home, for example, and the introduction of flexible working hours. Partly because of the pandemic, companies are increasingly becoming aware of their responsibility to provide a high-quality, healthy office environment.

Break the pattern of sedentary work

There are many different ways in which companies can achieve this. One of the most important aspects is breaking the pattern of sedentary work. And that is really easy to do, by investing in ergonomic office furniture. After all, human beings are not made to spend hours sitting still. Quite the opposite: in fact, sitting for extended periods is bad for our concentration and general health.

So it’s high time to reset our daily routine and behaviour, one small step at a time. Create the space and opportunities in the office to switch regularly from a sitting to standing position.

Above all, make sure that people sit or stand properly: by providing ergonomic furniture.

What are the benefits of a changing posture and daily physical exercise at the office?

  • more pleasant working environment with enjoyable working dynamics
  • people enjoy their work more, are more motivated and perform better
  • a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
  • longer life

The evolution of ergonomics in the office

Ergonomics in the office are a living, changing experience. In the last two years, for example, ‘stand-alone’ desks have made way for multiple-user workstations. This is a form of ‘office sharing’ that follows the ‘first come, first served’ principle. The other employees work from home or even while travelling. This office arrangement is often linked to ‘standing workstations’ to interrupt periods of sitting at frequent intervals.


Invest in a high-quality workplace now

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