A healthier and more attractive workplace with ergonomic accessories

Want to keep your employees motivated and ensure they feel good at work? One thing you can do is stimulate their wellbeing, resilience and creativity, and another is to use ergonomic office furniture correctly, adjusting it to the individual user. Ergonomic accessories also belong in that second category. Ergo-Lab looks forward to helping you with BakkerElkhuizen’s high-quality ergonomic tools!

Minor changes make a world of difference

Through our partner BakkerElkhuizen, we offer high-end workplace accessories that considerably enhance the comfort and productivity of computer users. The positive effect of a high-quality, user-friendly mouse or laptop stand is all too often underestimated. However, minor changes like these can make a world of difference to anyone who works with a screen.

From ergonomic mice to screen arms

BakkerElkhuizen designs and develops high-quality ergonomic tools supported by scientific research. That leads to higher productivity among users. A selection from their wide range:

Ergonomic mice

  • Mice are still the most commonly used accessory by far for computer work.
  • Using the wrong mouse for a long time leads to pain and discomfort in the shoulders, lower arms and hands.
  • To be able to work healthily and comfortably, an ergonomic mouse is crucial.
  • They range from vertical mice to precision or central mice, pen tablets or even custom mice for a perfect fit.

Laptop stands, tablet holders and document holders

  • Laptop stands, tablet holders and document holders are relatively simple changes you can make to stimulate a good, healthy working posture.
  • These tools improve both the position of the neck and the viewing angle.
  • The combination of an ergonomic laptop stand with a document holder also increases productivity by putting the documents “in line” with the screen.
  • The result? A better working posture and a clean desk, leading to improved concentration and productivity.

Screen arms

  • A screen arm provides more space to work and a better working posture.
  • The height and distance are easy to adjust, whether for a single screen or two or more screens.
  • Screen arms are also ideal for giving company presentations.

Ergonomic tools: a vital addition to the ideal workplace

Do you want to offer your staff a healthier, more comfortable and more attractive workplace with ergonomic accessories? Ergo-Lab helps you make the right choice for each individual user!