Standing up to work has great benefits

People with office jobs often spend a long time sitting down with no exercise of any kind. It is no surprise that sitting still for too long has a negative impact on the body. So what is the solution? Break the pattern of sitting down and stand up from time to time. For some people, that sounds uncomfortable or even tiring. Fortunately, though, there are many benefits associated with standing up to work.

The benefits of standing up to work

  • Greater productivity

Standing up makes you more alert and less sleepy, and it improves your concentration. Ultimately, that makes you more productive.

  • Better circulation and oxygen absorption

Standing up makes your heart beat a little faster, improving your circulation and making your body absorb more oxygen.

  • Good for your back

Standing up regularly strengthens your back muscles and improves your posture. You are less likely to suffer from back, shoulder and neck complaints.

  • Burn calories

Sitting still slows down your heartbeat, whereas standing speeds it up. This makes you burn more calories. And the effort involved is minimal!

  • Live longer

Better circulation and burning more calories are important factors in maintaining good health and increasing your life expectancy. So standing up to work clearly has many benefits!

benefits standing up to work

Why not stand up all day, then?

That’s not such a good idea. Standing (in a static position) for too long is not ideal either. It can strain your joints and muscles. The best strategy is to alternate between sitting and standing. So ergonomic office furniture is crucial. For example, get people moving more in the office by providing sit/stand desks (such as those by Wilkhahn or Sedus) and the right office chairs to stimulate active sitting.

Ask Ergo-Lab for advice

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