The most often used acoustic solutions for offices

The sound of the printer or coffee machine. Clattering keyboards. Colleagues chatting or making phone calls. All these are likely to be familiar sounds to anyone who works in an open-plan office. And many people find them annoying. Because whatever the source of the sound, it results in reduced concentration. In this blog post, we will take a quick look at some of the most often used acoustic solutions for offices.

The importance of good acoustics

Absolute silence is nigh on impossible. In any case, it is far from natural. However, it is very important to optimise your office acoustics. That’s because good acoustics improve your employees’ productivity and efficiency. They also contribute to turning an environment into a pleasant place to work.

Acoustic solutions for offices

There are many ways to improve your office acoustics. Take acoustic panels and wall or ceiling elements, for example. You will find different ideas below to reduce distracting environmental sounds to a minimum.

  • Wall and ceiling panels are definitely among the most frequently used acoustic solutions for offices. They are available in various formats: as panelling or free-standing walls, partitions between desks, elements with moveable bases, etc.
  • Sound-insulating glass walls improve sound levels in the workplace whilst creating a sense of openness and allowing sufficient light in.
  • Acoustic furnishings such as cupboards, sofas or pouffes, telephone boxes or meeting capsules are often used as well. As an extra benefit, they make your space more attractive.
  • Sound-resistant curtains improve your acoustics, and they are also an easy way to divide a large space into smaller rooms.

There are even certain plants and lamps that help to improve your office acoustics.

Akoestische oplossingen kantoor planten

Improve the experience of sound.

As well as investing in acoustic products, it is also very important to draw sufficient attention to acoustic etiquette in the workplace. If you do not, the Lombard effect occurs: in a nutshell, this is the involuntary tendency to produce even more noise in a noisy space. A headset may offer a solution.

Do you want to find out more about the importance of acoustics in the workplace? Contact us and we will take you through all the options for creating a pleasant sound experience in your office.