Active sitting with the right office chair

Sitting still for more than eight hours a day isn’t healthy, as we’ve explained in the past. To work ergonomically – i.e. healthily – you need variation. That means everything from micro-movements on your office chair to taking a break from sitting down. By regularly stretching your legs, for example. And, of course, by choosing the right office chair: one that stimulates active sitting.

The importance of moving around on your seat

Why is moving around on your seat – or active sitting – so important?

  • You build up more muscles and a strong spinal cord.
  • You stimulate your circulation.
  • You strengthen your mental resilience.
  • You are more energetic and productive.
Active sitting

Ergonomic office chairs that stimulate active sitting

Do you want to get things moving during your working day? It all starts with moving around enough yourself. The right office chair also helps you stay dynamic. As ergonomic office furniture specialists, we look forward to giving you a quick guide to the various innovative sitting solutions in our brand portfolio.


With its special 3D technology, Aeris has been firmly in the driving seat of active sitting for many years. For example, they have developed the Aeris Muvman. This active standing-sitting seat intuitively combines a sitting and standing posture for working. It’s a great way to reduce strain on the legs.


The pivoting ‘ergo top’ seat (which can be moved 360 degrees on all sides) of a Löffler office chair promotes active-dynamic sitting. Each model of chair can be individually adjusted to special tasks or for people with a specific problem or physical disability.


A healthy, active sitting position. That’s the philosophy behind the Score saddle stool. With its high seat, this seating solution combines a healthy standing position with the stability and comfort of traditional sitting.


The Sedus se:flex office chair offers an especially pleasant yet active sitting sensation that encourages movement. The ergonomic seat is flexible, following the movements of the pelvis, and it can be moved backwards and forwards (adjustable to your individual leg length). Particularly suitable for multiple-user workstations.


Stolcomfort’s showpiece is the Svenstol® 24 hour chair. Also known as a control room chair, it is designed especially for workplaces where constant shift changes are combined with desk work. The activePlus mechanism enables relaxed, active sitting.


Wilkhahnwas the first to offer the pioneering 3D seating concept, developing products including the 3D synchro chairs with lateral movement. This makes it possible to sit and move in three dimensions.

Trust our advice

Are you having difficulty choosing an office chair that gets you moving more? Ergo-Lab will be happy to help you make the right choice. Feel free to contactus for more information. Together we can get people moving more while they’re sitting at their desks!