Reduce lower back pain with the right office chair

Sitting still in the same position for a long time is not good for the body. As a result, it has a negative impact on the concentration and productivity of screen workers. Poor posture usually causes lower back pain in the long term. It is relatively simple to reduce this lower back pain if you pay attention to the right ergonomics.

Encourage more movement

The first thing to do is to break the pattern of sitting down at work. You can do this by using the right tools to encourage more movement, such as Aeris seating, for example. This unique movement technology means that you will always be sitting with a straight back in the most natural posture, and you will build up more muscles and a strong spinal column. Or add movement to your day with a sit/stand desk by Wilkhahn or Sedus.

A good ergonomic office chair

A good ergonomic office chair is absolutely crucial for a stable, natural sitting position. What are the requirements for a chair like this?

  • Adjustable to the individual user.
  • Adjustable back rest (in height and depth) that provides optimal support for the natural shape of the back.
  • A tiltable back rest and seat. The seat should also be height adjustable.

These characteristics ensure that specific back problems don’t occur (or not as much). Would you like extra comfort? Then good seat cushioning and adjustable arm rests are a great addition.

One absolute recommendation for people with a sensitive back or back complaints is the Therapod X screen chair. And we also offer the best solution if you need 24-hour chairs.

Reduce lower back pain with the right workplace parameters

Want to reduce back pain in the long term? At Ergo-Lab, we introduce you to the different ergonomic sitting solutions for your specific situation. Whether that is at home, in the office or at a multiple-user workstation.

Besides choosing and installing the right office chair to suit you perfectly, we offer an overall approach in which we pay attention to all the ergonomic parameters so that you can work healthily: from tips for a good working posture to the use of ergonomic accessories.