Active, dynamic sitting with LÖFFLER office chairs

In 1992, Werner Löffler set up his eponymous German company with the idea of making sitting healthier and more pleasant. To offer every user the freedom of movement they need, LÖFFLER developed the ERGO TOP® technology in collaboration with the Department of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Munich. This unique technology is incorporated into all LÖFFLER office chairs to enable dynamic sitting.

Ergonomic seating concept

A LÖFFLER desk chair encourages active, dynamic sitting with its pivoting ‘ergo top’ seat (that has 360°-degree flexibility). This is because the body’s horizontal and vertical centres of gravity are kept in constant balance. Keeping your balance in this way trains the back muscles and brings nutrients to the intervertebral discs. What is more, this unique seating concept ensures that you adopt an active, upright sitting position.

Custom work for extra comfort and health

A LÖFFLER chair can justifiably call itself a seating partner for human beings. Because every user has different needs and requirements, LÖFFLER offers customised healthy seating solutions, including ones for specific, job-related problems. Each model of chair can be individually adjusted to special tasks or for people with a specific problem or physical disability.

The starting point for this German office chair manufacturer is to stimulate the relationship between healthy sitting and the prevention of back problems. Nevertheless, the ergonomic seating concept also offers solutions to tackle existing problems. Here are a few examples:

  • Coccyx seat to relieve the tailbone, with the gap in the seat reducing pressure on the tailbone.
  • Kyphosis back rest for people with curvature of the spine. Relieving pressure on the spinal column makes sitting more comfortable again.
  • Arthrodesis seat for people with limited hip and knee mobility. The front halves of the seat can be continuously adjusted: they tilt and lock independently of each other.

Curious about LÖFFLER's ergonomic office chairs? Discover the Lezgo Orange Air and request a free trial chair.

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Löffler Lezgo Orange Air
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Dynamic sitting the right way with LÖFFLER

LÖFFLER makes it possible to sit healthily with plenty of movement and no health complaints. Clearly, though, sitting and working ergonomically involve more than simply buying a chair. As an official distributor, we teach every chair user the right sitting behaviour. That ranges from the correct adjustment of the chair’s features to consciously and actively sitting up straight, as well as taking regular breaks from sitting down. Contact us with no obligations for more information about the LÖFFLER sitting concept.