An ergonomic home office: this is how to work better

Working from home is now part of life, and that is the way it will stay. Are you still working at the kitchen table or on the sofa? If so, you probably feel it at the end of your working day. Poor posture over extended periods causes back problems or neck pain. You’re probably less productive as well. That is what makes it important to set up a pleasant, ergonomic home office.

A home office that suits your home

Have you got a separate study? Or is your home office in a corner of the living room or kitchen? Of course you want to get maximum use out of the space you have. With fitted cupboards and other smart, custom solutions, you can even turn cramped working areas into cosy spaces.

Create the right atmosphere by furnishing your workspace in a style that matches the rest of your house. Ergo-Lab does this in partnership with Eronda. If you use a lot of wood or natural materials in your interior, for example, we reflect this in your home office. Is your interior quite traditional? Or sleek and contemporary? There is a great solution for every style.

Ergonomic, naturally

Even at home, ergonomics are not just an optional extra.

An ergonomic office chair gives you a healthy posture. A good office chair supports your lower back and stimulates movement. To bring more variety into your working day, you can also opt for alternative seating solutions or a sit/stand desk. It is even possible to make the lighting contribute to your productivity. Ergo-Lab looks forward to helping you create a healthy workspace.

It’s affordable, too

Because we want every homeworker to have an ergonomic home office, Ergo-Lab keeps its prices affordable. For example, it offers second-hand office chairs. Choose from leading brands and we will make sure your chair looks as good as new.


Let’s design the ideal home office together

Do you want to set up a pleasant place to work from home? Or are you an employer who wants to support their employees with an optimal home office? Ergo-Lab helps you think things through.