Attention to the human power of your company

We can no longer imagine life without technology and digitalisation. Finding the right approach to the digital transformation – at both private and professional level – is a major challenge. After all, we all want to be successful and stay that way. One thing we can do is stimulate wellbeing at work as a key step towards successful entrepreneurship. The other thing we can do is pay attention to the power of human beings.

Doing business with curiosity

In the digital age we live in, human beings are very important. It all comes down to concentrating on the things we can do that computers cannot. Every individual has unique qualities that give us a competitive advantage over our digital counterpart. So we need to stay curious about the power of human beings and pay sufficient attention to this power. Four characteristics play a significant role in this:

  1. The power of our brain

With each new challenge, humans are able to try out new alternatives and adapt their approach. That is the wonderful thing about our brain. It is an astonishing organ that is effectively ‘reprogrammable’, one small step at a time.

  1. The power of our mindset

To survive in a digital world, it is important to take a positive approach to change.

That way humans have the willpower and stamina they need to face up to change and make progress.

  1. The power of our imagination

We have an incredible ability to think both abstractly and creatively. Our imagination will become even more of a determining factor in honing our creativity. As Albert Einstein once said:

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

  1. The power of our cooperation

Last but not least, we all have a great responsibility to prevent computers from telling us what to do. By trusting each other and building up authentic relationships, we can ensure we maintain a healthy balance.


Invest in the human power of your company

Do you want to give your employees extra support in finding and strengthening their own capacities? We look forward to helping your company with the Ergo-Lab Academy, by providing practical workshops and training. In these sessions, we will take a closer look at the unique qualities we possess as human beings in terms of cognition, mentality, imagination and creative cooperation.