The importance of good office lighting

Why is light so important for healthy work? Does investing in better light in the office lead to higher productivity? And what is the ideal light intensity? You will find an answer to these questions in our blog post on working healthily. This blog post will tell you more about the importance of good office lighting, and especially how you can create it.

Individually adjustable

Everyone is different and every office worker has different needs. These needs are related both to the type of tasks they do and to their age or other personal factors. For example, older employees need more light than younger ones to be able to do their work well. This immediately brings us to the first and most important attention point: make sure the lighting is individually adjustable.

You can use LED lights to set an appropriate colour and intensity of light to suit each employee’s needs.

Combine different light sources

In an ideal office, you meet these individual needs by combining both direct and indirect lighting. For example, employees can improve on general ceiling lights (indirect) if they wish by using a free-standing desk lamp (direct).

Determine the lighting based on the space

As a general rule, we can say that cool, white light is ideal for workspaces. It ensures greater productivity. In reception or relaxation rooms, it’s a good idea to go for warm, white light. That creates a homelier atmosphere.

Go for smart LED lighting

As well as being versatile (for use indoors or outdoors, at home or at the office, etc.), LED lights save a lot of energy. What is more, they often incorporate sensor technology: for example, they can turn on or off automatically when they detect movement or daylight.

More information about the importance of good office lighting?

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