Healthy work: Ergo-Lab sheds light on the matter

Light has a significant influence on our performance, concentration, mood and sleep pattern. That makes light an intrinsic part of healthy working practices. So it is important to pay attention to the lighting in your office.

Why is light so important to healthy work?

Good lighting is more important than you might think. Light influences your biological clock, your hormones and your metabolism. The effect of too little light is not immediately apparent, but it does affect your body. There are some things you do feel. Fatigue, because it takes more effort to see things properly or read easily. Or your eyes might ache from looking at a computer screen that is too bright. Symptoms such as headaches, sleeping badly, concentration problems and tension in your neck and shoulders can also be linked to light.

Light and productivity

There is an intrinsic link between comfortable lighting and productivity. There is an intrinsic link between comfortable lighting and productivity. “Studies have shown that better light can increase productivity by approximately one per cent in offices. That might not seem like much, but actually it’s a huge amount. All you need to do is invest in better light”, says Peter Bracke from the Light & Lighting Laboratory at the KU Leuven (source: VRT News). So we need to ensure we have more light, and better quality light.

May I turn the light on?

The ideal level of light in a healthy working environment is around 1,000 lux on a horizontal work surface. At present, we generally only use about 100 lux. One way to ensure we have enough light, of course, is to let the daylight in. Ideally, an office space should have windows that let in plenty of natural light. Of course that isn’t possible everywhere. So if it isn’t, opt for a smart lighting plan to create the perfect light balance. Ergo-Lab will be happy to show you how.

Are you interested in the relationship between healthy work and light? Or would you like to know more about lighting in your workplace? Contact Ergo-Lab and we will look into all the options for a pleasant working environment in the office.