Cutting-edge traffic control

Everyone wants to be safe in traffic. And that safety starts in road traffic control rooms. To ensure reliable surroundings without risk, operators must be able to concentrate completely on their work. They need to be able to do their job in a calm office environment that is perfectly equipped for the important work they do.

Leave the furnishing of your road traffic control room to our specialists. We will pave the way to a pleasant, ergonomic workplace that fulfils all your needs.

Focus as the primary aim

In a control room, several colleagues often work at one workstation. We provide furnishings that enable everyone to adapt their workspace quickly and easily to their needs and wishes. Our professional mission is for everyone to spend their office hours in ergonomic surroundings.

For example, a control room chair is absolutely essential to your ergonomic office. Take a look at all our brochures and find the one that suits you. We create workplaces where it is easy to alternate between standing and sitting. That way every operator can choose what they prefer, so they can work in optimal conditions. And that keeps them fully focused and highly alert.

An overall ergonomic design

An ergonomically designed office starts with the right furnishings. But did you know that you can make your office environment even more ergonomic by adding aspects such as suitable lighting or smart cable solutions? We are looking forward to developing an overall concept for your business.

Everything begins with getting to know you. In this initial phase, we map out all your needs, because every organisation is unique – including yours! Then we consult our partners to find the perfect full furnishing for your office.


Draw on Ergo-Lab’s experience for your road traffic control room

No two designs for a road traffic control room are ever the same. Every story requires a different approach and development. Put your trust in us and draw inspiration from our past cases. We have already designed several road traffic control rooms.

Does your control room need a new design? We can help. Contact us. We look forward to working with you.