Furnishing alarm centres: this is how we do it

Are you looking for a specialist to furnish an alarm centre or control room? At Ergo-Lab, you’re in very competent hands. In recent years, we have provided many 24/7 workplaces in different sectors (maritime, transport, industry, security, etc.), both nationally and internationally. Let us start by telling you a bit more about our approach.

A clear picture of the context

Every 24-hour workplace is unique. So we always start by listening to the users’ specific situation and needs. That helps us to find out as much as possible about the desired concept. One that will work well for at least 20 years. Sounds good, right?

Attention to ergonomics

Ergonomics have a prominent role in the furnishing of alarm centres. Based on the ergonomic requirements of the desk concept, the factors we consider include the following:

  • Sitting comfortably during consultation work, but also the importance of getting up from your seat sometimes: 8- or 12-hour shifts, different body types, etc.
  • The number of computers to be housed in the console: how the computers are expected to change (more/fewer/bigger), providing a KVM (for the keyboard, monitor and mouse), etc.
  • Current screens: more/fewer/bigger, changes to camera surveillance, integration of universal materials, etc.
  • ESD cables
  • Power and data connections in and above the desks
  • Safety and fire plan for computers
  • Lighting for the users

From concept to creation

  1. We start with a few initial sketches.
  2. They are followed by technical diagrams.
  3. Then we draw the definitive diagrams, including all the details and a price quotation.
  4. We make diagrams of the space based on the dimensions that you send us or we measure for you.
  1. We always add a light study to our measurements.
  2. Finally, we make a VR presentation to visualise everything the way it will look in real life.

When the plans are approved, we deal with all the installation work and provide training sessions. If desired, we can supervise the entire conversion project.

Want your alarm centre furnished from A to Z? Trust Ergo-Lab!

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Ensuring your control room is furnished ergonomically

The permanent activity and staffing of a control room or alarm centre make ergonomic furniture absolutely crucial. In partnership with Knürr® Consoles, Ergo-Lab helps various companies and organisations in specific niche markets (the police, fire brigade, railway operators etc.) to integrate 24/7 solutions for individual and systematic ergonomics.

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