How important is lighting in a control room?

Lighting plays a crucial role in control rooms where operators work around the clock to monitor and manage processes, systems or other activities. Nevertheless, this aspect of furnishing or refurnishing a control room is rarely in the spotlight. Here at Ergo-Lab, we believe light deserves proper attention in every new project.

5 reasons why lighting is important in a control room

  1. Clarity: Good lighting provides sufficient clarity and contrast, which is essential for operators who need to read information accurately from screens, control panels and other displays. It helps to prevent tired eyes and reduce visual errors.
  2. Accuracy: Operators can monitor and operate systems more accurately in good light. Well-lit surroundings make it easier for operators to distinguish details and react fast to changes or discrepancies.
  3. Concentration: Good lighting helps operators concentrate and stay alert, especially during long shifts or at night. It contributes to reducing fatigue and thinking clearly. That’s important to avoid errors and apply work procedures safely.
  4. Safety: Lighting also plays a role in safety in the control room. Good lighting makes it easier to detect emergencies, makes evacuation procedures clearer and helps to avoid risks of accidents or incidents.
  5. Ergonomics: Last but not least, lighting inevitably contributes to ergonomics in the workplace. This includes avoiding sun blindness, minimising screen dazzle and adjusting the lighting levels appropriately to the operators’ specific tasks.
Lighting control room
Lighting control room

The right lighting in your control room?

Does your control room already have the right lighting to create optimal working conditions? Or are you still using basic lighting? Don’t forget that the right lighting boosts operators’ productivity, accuracy and concentration. Do you want advice in finding the right lighting? Ask Ergo-Lab for bright ideas. We’ll be glad to help.