A director’s chair needs to be comfortable too

The ideal director’s chair combines an air of luxury with ergonomic functions. That means things like high-quality materials and a clever design paired with various ways of adjusting the chair to support the person sitting in it. Ergo-Lab ensures that the office chair you choose suits you to a tee.

Choose your director’s chair at Ergo-Lab

All the office chairs in our range have been selected for the advanced ways in which they support your body. We aim to challenge our customers to think consciously about office furniture. Whether you’re looking for a director’s chair, alternative ways of sitting ergonomically or other office furniture: you’ll sit (and stand) better once the overall picture is right. That’s how you keep your body and mind healthier.

The personal attention that only Ergo-Lab can give

Nobody is just a number. We get to know new people every day and help them sit better. Whether it’s someone who wants to perform well in a control room or somebody with a problem related to sitting, we will be glad to find the right seating solution. For you that might mean a director’s chair that is perfectly adjusted to your body and stimulates a dynamic sitting posture. We are happy to visit your office to ensure the chair you have chosen is 100% perfectly adjusted.

Carefully curated range

The highlights of our range are the Svenstol® director’s chairs. The S5 is designed with an imposing, angular shaped back rest. It incorporates Active Plus technology, which keeps your body moving slightly at all times. That makes the muscles in your abdomen and lower back work constantly , so that your spine stays in as natural a shape as possible. In other words, it puts anatomically appropriate strain on your back. This reduces neck, shoulder and back problems, and your blood circulation gets the stimulation it needs. The X5 is equipped with the same technology, an extra-large angle of tilt to lean back comfortably and a more striking design. Which one will you choose?

Choosing a director’s chair at Ergo-Lab

Download the brochure to compare the different options or ask for a free trial chair. That way you can experience the outstanding quality of our Svenstol® chairs for yourself.