How to create a dynamic workplace

A dynamic workplace ensures that employees move around more and spend less time sitting down, all thanks to the layout of the office. There are different areas for different tasks, and people are encouraged to adopt different postures. That way, employees spontaneously move around the office because it is designed to encourage them to do so. And they automatically alternate between sitting and standing.

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Different tasks in different areas

In a dynamic workplace, there is less frustration about loud telephone calls or colleagues having a chat. Phoning, talking things over, concentration, printing and so on all happen in a specific part of the office. That way, employees will move around without being aware of it, walking over to the printer or looking for a corner to sit down and talk things through with a colleague. The benefit is twofold: people get more exercise, and they also experience less irritation.

Different areas encourage different postures

Make sure you encourage people to adopt different postures in different areas. You stand up to make copies, and you might perch on a bar stool (half-standing) to drink a cup of coffee. You brainstorm at high tables, do tasks requiring concentration at a sit/stand desk… and if you want a workplace that’s even more dynamic, you might even add a treadmill or an exercise bike.

Dynamic workplace
Dynamic workplace

Appealing places

Ergonomics require smart design, but appearances matter too. Surprise your employees with an office with an attractive overall design. Think hip furniture, coordinating colours and a playful approach to lighting. The result? Satisfied employees who feel right at home in the office, and an appealing place to welcome customers and new talents.

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