Railway companies jump on the bandwagon

In control rooms, it is important for everyone to keep their cool at all times. That applies to railways too. To perform optimally, individual comfort and the furnishing of the control room need to be right on point. That means ideal ergonomics and perfect functionality.

Our experts look forward to helping you achieve this goal. They design the most suitable 24-hour working environment, tailored precisely to the multiscreen work and ongoing activity of railway control rooms. As a result, the design and furnishing of the control rooms are absolutely impeccable.

The crucial ergonomic reflex

Railway control rooms are at the very heart of the railway sector. They are workplaces that different staff share over several shifts. As such, ergonomic furnishings are essential to guarantee safety and efficiency in these control rooms.

Our aim is to create a comfortable and active working environment that stimulates the health and productivity of the people who work there. But what is the ideal way to furnish a railway control room? Our specialists look forward to helping you develop a suitable design, exactly the way you want it.

Focus on efficient work

Well-designed ergonomic furnishings for your office environment make a serious contribution to your colleagues’ efficient attitude to work. Once the furnishings of the railway control room are entirely up to scratch in terms of ergonomics, we believe every employee will enjoy coming to work even more. And people who love their work usually do it better.

At Ergo-Lab, we are devoted to helping you create a top-quality ergonomic workplace. The furnishings of your railway control room are sure to meet your needs. We will certainly do everything we can to ensure that they do.


On the right track with your railway control room

Contact us now and find out how we can optimise your railway control room with high-quality ergonomic solutions.