The police as pioneers

Hard work goes on around the clock in police control rooms. Police officers and operators who work in alarm centres every day need flexible, ergonomic solutions for their offices. The office systems need to be easily adaptable to the individual needs of everyone who works there.

Our ergonomic advisors focus on an ergonomic user experience for your office, offering a flexible solution that is precisely tailored to your needs. With us at your side, you can expect first-class support and pioneering quality when furnishing your police control room.

The ultimate combination of flexibility and ergonomics

The complete furnishing of a police control room with ergonomics in mind must be designed to last. An important aspect is adjustable desks that continue to perform reliably in the most demanding of workplaces.

Our designers will draw a floor plan of your premises. They use this plan to come up with optimal ergonomic furnishings for your police control room. Next, we consult with you in various phases until the room is furnished exactly the way you want it. Together, we ensure that your workplace is completely ergonomic.

The most important goal? Happy staff

At Ergo-Lab, we are convinced that an optimally furnished workplace stimulates productivity and focus among police operators. That is why we are looking forward to creating a healthy workplace with you that you look forward to working in every day.

Our desks are especially designed for a 24/7 environment. They make life easier in a police station where people work in shifts around the clock. One simple control system makes it easy for any operator to adjust the desk to their needs, irrespective of their height or build.


Ready for a new police control room?

We are the number-one specialist in ergonomic workplaces. Discover the best solution for your organisation and team up with us to design an approach that responds perfectly to the needs of your staff. Contact us for fully ergonomic furnishings in your control room, tailored precisely to your needs.